Manoj Kumar Pal

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Online retrieval of the homologous nucleotide sequences through existing alignment techniques is a common practice against the given database of sequences. The salient point of these techniques is their dependence on local alignment techniques and scoring matrices the reliability of which is limited by computational complexity and accuracy. Toward this(More)
Current practice of validating predicted protein structural model is knowledge-based where scoring parameters are derived from already known structures to obtain decision on validation out of this structure information. For example, the scoring parameter, Ramachandran Score gives percentage conformity with steric-property higher value of which implies(More)
Context-dependence in human cognition process is a well-established fact. Following this, we introduced the image segmentation method that can use context to classify a pixel on the basis of its membership to a particular object-class of the concerned image. In the broad methodological steps, each pixel was defined by its context window (CW) surrounding it(More)
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