Manoj Krishnan

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We present a new methodology based on ferromagnetic fluids in which the user can have direct interaction (input/output) through a tangible and malleable interface. Liquid Interfaces uses the physical qualities of ferromagnetic fluids in combination with capacitive, multi-touch technology, to produce a 3D, multi-touch interface where actuation,(More)
This paper describes and evaluates protocols for optimizing strided non-contiguous communication on the Quadrics QsNetII high-performance network interconnect. Most of previous related studies focused primarily on NIC-based or host-based protocols. This paper discusses merits for using both approaches and tries to determine for types and data sizes in the(More)
In this paper, we present House, a messaging platform for members of geographically disconnected families to stay connected. House is a lightweight, real-time interface designed to help such families communicate with each other. Specifically, it helps families rediscover the joys of communicating trivial and silly information between each other and is a(More)
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