Manoj Khurana

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Further investigation of the potential anticonvulsant activity of the enaminones was attempted to discern the possible role of metabolites as the active/co-active entities of the esters of the enaminones. A series of 5-methyl-2-cyclohexene enaminones, the hypothesised metabolites corresponding to a sequence of active and inactive esters were synthesised and(More)
The present study describes the brain uptake, pharmacokinetics and metabolism of an anticonvulsant enaminone ester E121, which belongs to a new and active series of compounds with potential in vivo anticonvulsant activity in rodent models, in rats. A single dose of E121 was administered i.p. to male Sprague Dawley rats at 10 mg E121/kg body weight. Cohorts(More)
Odiparcil is a novel, orally active beta-d-thioxyloside analog with antithrombotic activity associated with a reduced risk of adverse bleeding events. Its unique mechanism of action is postulated by means of an elevation in circulating endogenous chondroitin sulfate-related glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) levels. The purpose of these 2 separate clinical studies(More)
SB-424323 is a new, orally active anti-thrombotic agent presently in phase-II clinical development, with limited hemorrhagic risk and a unique mechanism of action involving the induction of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) biosynthesis. The objective of the present study was to develop a simple and rapid high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method for(More)
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