Manoj K. Singh

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In plants, Rop/Rac GTPases have emerged as central regulators of diverse signalling pathways in plant growth and pathogen defence. When active, they interact with a wide range of downstream effectors. Using yeast two-hybrid screening we have found three previously uncharacterized receptor-like protein kinases to be Rop GTPase-interacting molecules: a(More)
Cell polarity is commonly coordinated within the plane of a single tissue layer (planar polarity), and hair positioning has been exploited as a simple marker for planar polarization of animal epithelia . The root epidermis of the plant Arabidopsis similarly reveals planar polarity of hair localization close to root tip-oriented (basal) ends of hair-forming(More)
Hand-made cloning (HMC) has proved to be an efficient alternative to the conventional micromanipulator-based technique in some domestic animal species. This study reports the development of an effective culture system for in vitro culture of zona-free cloned buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) embryos reconstructed using adult skin fibroblast cells as nucleus donor.(More)
Young (less than 8 weeks old) immunocompetent BALB/c mice became infected with Blastocystis hominis after inoculation of fecal cysts orally and of in vitro axenic-culture forms intracecally. This study confirmed that the fecal cyst was the form responsible for external transmission and that the mode of transmission was by the fecal-oral route. The infection(More)
The morphological changes occurring inBlastocystis hominis at different time points following in vitro encystment were studied by electron microscopy. The following stages of the parasite were sequentially seen: (a) the amoebic form, which was irregular in shape, with a majority of the organelles being concentrated at the condensed cytoplasmic region; (b)(More)
Cultures ofBlastocystis hominis were induced to encyst using three encystation media: (a) an encystation medium (EM) comprising yeast extract in buffered saline containing 50% horse serum, (b) an encystation medium (CEM) comprising EM conditioned with bacterial soluble products and (c) an encystation medium (TEM) containing 0.5% trypticase in EM. Two(More)
BACKGROUND A major aspect of providing mental healthcare is access to and use of psychotropic medications. Bihar is a state in northeast India with limited mental healthcare provision; consequently access to and utilisation of psychotropic medications are likely to be limited. However, to date there has been no research assessing the situation. This study(More)
The present paper deals with the problem of handwritten character recognition of English character. This paper presents a novel method of handwriting character recognition which exploits a compression capability of discrete wavelet transform to enhance the accuracy of recognition at the pixel level, the learning capability of artificial neural network and(More)
This report describes the ultrastructure and viability of cysts of Blastocystis hominis from feces of infected patients. The cysts were round to ovoid, measured 2-5 μm in size, and contained a condensed cytoplasm that had vacuoles of varying sizes, four nuclei, and as many as six cristate mitochondria. The cell wall was rather electron-lucent. Surprisingly,(More)