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PURPOSE Men with localized prostate cancer currently face a number of treatment options that treat the entire prostate. These can cause significant sexual and urinary side effects. Focal therapy offers a novel strategy that targets the cancer rather than the prostate in an attempt to preserve tissue and function. MATERIALS AND METHODS A prospective,(More)
OBJECTIVE Cyanotic congenital heart diseases (CCHD) with secondary polycythemia and hyperviscosity state are associated with a reduction in blood flow, stagnation of blood, and thrombosis. Sufficient hemodilution in cyanotic children results in higher blood flow and significant reductions in perioperative blood loss. The aim of this study was to investigate(More)
Severe persistent hypertension is seen infrequently in newborns and infants, but we came across two infants who developed severe paradoxical hypertension after successful coarctation repair. Treatment of systemic hypertension following repair of coarctation of the aorta is always challenging particularly in infants. Dexmedetomidine was used successfully as(More)
BACKGROUND Nosocomial infections (NIs) in the postoperative period not only increase morbidity and mortality, but also impose a significant economic burden on the health care infrastructure. This retrospective study was undertaken to (a) evaluate the incidence, characteristics, risk factors and outcomes of NIs and (b) identify common microorganisms(More)
Acute pancreatitis is a potentially life threatening disease. The spectrum of severity of the illness ranges from mild self-limiting disease to a highly fatal severe necrotizing pancreatitis. Despite intensive research and improved patient care, overall mortality still remains high, reaching up to 30-40% in cases with infected pancreatic necrosis. Although(More)
The fluoride ion removal from aqueous solution using synthesized Mg-Cr-Cl layered double hydroxide has been reported. Mg-Cr-Cl was characterized by X-ray powder diffraction, Fourier-transform infrared, thermo-gravimetric analysis, differential thermal analysis, and scanning electron microscope. Adsorption experiments were carried out in batch mode as a(More)
Adverse cutaneous reactions are frequently reported to occur with the use of psychotropic medications, which may lead to poor drug compliance. As compared to other groups of psychotropic medication, antipsychotics, both typical and atypical, are less likely to cause adverse cutaneous reactions. The most frequent cutaneous adverse reactions associated with(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study is to evaluate the causal relation between hospital-acquired infection (HAI) and clinical outcomes following cardiac surgery in neonates and infants and to identify the risk factors for the development of HAI in this subset of patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS After Ethics committee approval, one hundred consecutive infants(More)