Manoj K. Nambiar

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Several studies have been carried out on software bugs analysis and classification for life and mission critical systems, which include reproducible bugs called Bohrbugs, and hard to reproduce bugs called Mandelbugs. Although software reliability in IT systems has been studied for years, there are only a few formal analytic models for recovery from(More)
Available bandwidth is a very important characteristic of a link across a wide area network. In this paper we dis- cuss a new method to measure available bandwidth of a link across a wide area network. This method does not introduce large traffic into the network during measurement. Also, it does not require both ends of a link to run the algorithm. Ours is(More)
Multi-tiered transactional web applications are frequently used in enterprise based systems. Due to their inherent distributed nature, pre-deployment testing for high-availability and varying concurrency are important for post-deployment performance. Accurate performance modeling of such applications can help estimate values for future deployment variations(More)
Scalability of a multi-tier enterprise system is limited by the presence of software and hardware resource bottlenecks. These bottlenecks typically occur at larger number of users. It would help enterprise applications significantly if these bottlenecks are known a-priori during the performance testing itself. This paper deals with predicting the(More)
Load testing of IT applications faces the challenge of providing high quality test results that would represent the performance in production like scenarios, without incurring high cost of commercial load testing tools. It would help IT projects to be able to test with a small number of users and extrapolate to scenarios with much larger number of users.(More)
Network availability is a very important need of any production environment. Unfortunately due to many reasons a link in a wide area network does not have consistent availability for a long period of time. Hence an application needs to be designed considering this unreliability factor of a wide area network. However, such network instabilities are not seen(More)
Software failures are still a major concern in missionand enterprise-critical contexts, despite significant efforts spent in software testing. In fact, while software testing is effective against easily-reproducible bugs (Bohrbugs), it is considerably less suitable for dealing with bugs that lead to hard-to-reproduce failures (Mandelbugs). On the positive(More)