Manoj Bhushan Pandey

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Oral cancer ranks first among all cancers in males and is the third most common among females in India. Tobacco-derived carcinogens are involved in the development of oral cancer. Environment-gene interaction in oral carcinogenesis is well demonstrated by phase I and II enzymes that are involved in the metabolism of carcinogens. This study looked at the(More)
BACKGROUND Oral cancer satisfies the criteria for a suitable disease for screening, and oral visual inspection is a suitable test for oral cancer screening. The efficacy of screening in reducing mortality from oral cancer has not yet been evaluated. The authors describe a cluster-randomized, controlled oral cancer screening trial in southern India and its(More)
Together with thyroid cancer, cancer of the gallbladder is the only non-sex hormone-related cancer displaying a female preponderance, with incidence being 3-4 times more common among women. We carried out this study to evaluate the role of menstrual, reproductive and lifestyle factors in gallbladder carcinogenesis. A case-control study involving 64 newly(More)
Background: Choriocarcinoma is an aggressive neoplasm arising in the body of the uterus. The disease normally spreads to lung and brain. Case Report: A case of malignant trophoblastic disease with brain metastasis, raised intra cranial pressure and small bowel metastasis presenting with acute abdomen is reported. Conclusions: Malignant transformation in a(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer of the oral cavity is one of the commonest cancers among males. AIMS To assess the aetiological factors, patient characteristics, treatment and the outcome in young patients with oral cancer. SETTINGS AND DESIGN A retrospective descriptive study of patients under the age of 35 years with cancer of the oral cavity treated between(More)
BACKGROUND The diagnosis of breast cancer and its subsequent treatment has significant impact on the woman's physical functioning, mental health and her well-being, and thereby causes substantial disruption to quality of life (QOL). Factors like patient education, spousal support and employment status, financial stability etc., have been found to influence(More)
Background: Primary central mucoepidermoid carcinoma of jaws is a rare lesion comprising 2– 3% of all mucoepidermoid carcinomas reported in literature. Case presentation: The case presented here illustrates the hypothesis that its specific pathogenesis is unknown. Conclusions: Mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the jaw is a rare tumour of unknown aetiology.(More)
PURPOSE In an attempt to define the sonographic characteristics of gallbladder cancer, we retrospectively analyzed the sonographic findings in 203 cases of gallbladder cancer confirmed by cytology or histopathology. Patients and Methods Patients with proven gallbladder cancer presenting to a single surgical unit between 1991 and 1995 were identified through(More)
INTRODUCTION Survivin a multifunctional protein that controls cell division, inhibition of apoptosis and promotion of angiogenesis. It is expressed in most human neoplasm, but is absent in normal and differentiated tissues. The purpose of this article is to overview the expression of survivin, effect of its expression in response to treatment, correlation(More)