Manoj Alwani

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In this paper we are describing some important state-of the-art algorithms used for lossless compression of images. These algorithms are broadly classified as prediction based methods and transform based methods. Motivation behind this work is to provide a detailed analysis of such algorithms and to give future research direction based on the analysis to(More)
Improved performance of Intra Prediction in HEVC in comparison to H.264/AVC is primarily due to two main feature enhancements, first is increase in the number of intra prediction directions and secondly due to the support for larger transform sizes. Using lagrangian based rate distortion measure to decide the appropriate prediction direction and Transform(More)
In this paper we propose a fast candidate selection method in RMD step of Intra prediction. The proposed method consist of two steps, in the first step, coarser steps between the prediction directions are used as possible candidates for comparison, where the coarser step size is a function of Prediction Unit size. This way we find the dominant direction(More)
We propose a novel particle filter-based motion compensation strategy for video coding. We use a higher order linear model in place of the traditional translational model used in standards such as H.264. The measurement/observation process in the particle filter is a computationally efficient mechanism as opposed to traditional search methods. We use a(More)
Images captured in foggy weather conditions get highly degraded due to suffering from poor contrast and loss of color characteristics. This paper presents a contrast enhancement algorithm for such degraded color images. To restore both contrast and color we propose following four steps: 1) RGB component of the input image is converted into Hue Intensity(More)
Routing Algorithms in the wireless environment are differentiating into different kinds like Geographical, Geo-casting, Hierarchical, Multi-path, Power-aware, and Hybrid routing algorithms. The typical objective of this paper is to explore Swarm Intelligence based routing protocols especially Bee-Inspired based routing protocols for providing multipath(More)
The main purpose of image compression is to reduce the memory space or transmission time and that of cryptography is to keep the security of the data. These two technologies are separate. But in some cases an image can be compressed if necessary, and then encrypted. Once the data are decrypted, all secrets will be leaked. Hence compression is performed(More)
Abstrac: Bad weather, such as fog and haze, can significantly degrade the visibility of a scene. Optically, this is due to the substantial presence of particles in the atmosphere that absorb and scatter light due to this captured images degrade significantly. This leads to accidents in air, on sea and on the road. This paper presents image enhancement(More)
This paper compares the performance of various filters on the images degraded by the fog. Denoising is vital for the image enhancement. It is difficult to remove the noise from the images while preserving the information and the quality of the image. For analysis filters like Median, Alpha Trim, Lee, Wiener, Anisotropic Diffusion and Guided filter are used.(More)