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As a standard for the exchange, transmission, and reporting of accounting and financial data, XRBL goes a long way toward standardization. However, as the extent of contemporary financial markets is now global, XBRL reporting must transcend or accommodate differences in reporting standards. While XBRL has been of great help in standardizing the presentation(More)
Mobile banking (mBanking) enables customers to carry out their banking tasks via mobile devices. We advance the extant body of knowledge about mBanking adoption by proposing a model for understanding the importance and relationship between the user perception of mBanking, initial trust in mBanking services, and the fit between the technology and mBanking(More)
Federal, state and local governmental agencies have been investing considerably in emergency response management systems to assist crisis management officers in the assessment, mitigation and response to emergency situations. In crisis management contexts, the timeliness of a response may be determined with reference to a fixed instant in the form of an(More)
Article: Finding an effective method for managing and evaluating the performance of business processes is a key element for e-business success. The productivity and profitability of organizations depend on the efficacy of their business processes. Monitoring the performance of these processes in delivering organizational value propositions provides a basis(More)
aBstract Different FIPA-compliant agent development platforms are available for developing multiagent systems. FIPA compliance ensures interoperability among agents across different platforms. Although most agent implementation platforms provide some form of white-and yellow-page functionalities to advertise and identify agent roles and descriptions, there(More)