Manoel Carlos Spiguel Lima

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This study analyzed the influence of recovery phase manipulation after hyperlactemia induction on the lactate minimum intensity during treadmill running. Twelve male runners (24.6 ± 6.3 years; 172 ± 8.0 cm and 62.6 ± 6.1 kg) performed three lactate minimum tests involving passive (LMTP) and active recoveries at 30%vVO2max (LMTA30) and 50%vVO2max (LMTA50) in(More)
The objective of this study was to analyze the effect of different sports on bone mineral density (BMD) accrual among male adolescents during a 9-mo follow-up. The sample was composed of 82 boys (control [n = 13], basketball [n = 14], karate [n = 9], soccer [n = 18], judo [n = 12], and swimming [n = 16]) who were followed up for 9 mo (from October 2013 to(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyse the relationship between different heart rate variability indices, resting heart rate, and cardiovascular markers in adolescents. METHODS A cross-sectional study was carried out with information from an ongoing cohort study. The sample was composed of 99 adolescents who complied with the following inclusion criteria: aged between 11(More)
The slope of the distance-time relationship from maximal 200 and 400 m bouts (S(200-400)) has been increasingly employed for setting training intensities in swimming. However, physiological and mechanical responses at this speed are poorly understood. Thus, this study investigated blood lactate, heart rate (HR), stroke rate (SR), stroke length (SL) and RPE(More)
BACKGROUND Physical activity level is an important tool to identify individuals predisposed to developing chronic diseases, which represent a major concern worldwide. OBJECTIVE To identify correlates of daily step counts measured using pedometers, as well as analyze the associations between health outcomes and 3 different amounts of daily physical(More)
The Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE) is non-invasively determined and used together with lactacidemic analysis as indicator of intensity during incremental test. In field, especially in swimming, due to the difficulty of sample collection, alternative protocols have been used to estimate the anaerobic threshold. Thus, the study aims were: to prescribe one(More)
Background: It is unclear whether early physical activity has a greater influence on intima-media thickness and metabolic variables than current physical activity. Objective: To analyze the relationship between current and early physical activity, metabolic variables, and intima-media thickness measures in adults. Method: The sample was composed of 55(More)
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