Manoel Alberto Prestes

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PURPOSE To assess the action of iodine cadexomer in the healing process of surgical wounds in rats and if cytotoxicity occurs with the systemic absorption of iodine. METHODS Thirty six Wistar rats were used and performed 53 wounds with surgical punch of 6 mm diameter on them. Two lesions were made diametrically opposed on groups with distilled water (GAD)(More)
BACKGROUND Studies with latest technologies such as endoscopy with magnification and chromoendoscopy showed that various endoscopic aspects are clearly related to infection by Helicobacter pylori (HP). The description of different patterns of erythema in gastric body under magnification of images revived interest in identifying these patterns by standard(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the results of the healing process on surgical wounds in the back of Wistar rats using nanocristaline and ionic silver dressing. METHODS Sixty rats Wistar were submitted to surgical wounds with punch of 8 mm in diameter. In 30 animals (groups PN - nanocristaline and AD - control) two surgical wounds were done diametrically opposite(More)
PURPOSE: To investigate whether there is a difference between Marlex(r) and Dynamesh PP-light Marlex(r) meshes, in the abdominal wall defect correction, on rats in contaminated surgical site. METHODS: Twenty-eight Wistar rats were divided into two groups of 14, and four subgroups of seven animals. All subgroups underwent similar surgical procedure. One(More)
PURPOSE To compare controlled liver regeneration in rats submitted to 60% hepatic resection having L-arginine supplemented diet, based on weight changes of the regenerated liver, laboratory parameters of liver function and pathological findings. METHODS Thirty-six rats were divided into two groups, control and L- arginine. The first received standard chow(More)
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