Manodipan Sahoo

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Cross talk effects in large diameter Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube bundle interconnects (MWCNTs) for the future nanoscale integrated circuits are investigated with the help of ABCD parameter matrix approach for intermediate and global interconnects at 22 nm and 14 nm technology nodes. Here, isolated MWCNTs are modeled using an equivalent single conductor(More)
In this paper we have studied a analytical double gate graphene field effect transistor. The developed GFET model is a quasi analytical approach based on Boltzmann transport equation and the explicit expression of drain to source current has been derived. The model has been applied for monolayer to multilayer with single gate or dual gate configuration. The(More)
Crosstalk induced overshoot/undershoot effects in Multilayer Graphene Nano Ribbon interconnects (MLGNRs) are investigated using ABCD parameter matrix approach for intermediate level interconnects at 8 nm technology node. The worst case crosstalk induced peak overshoot voltage for perfectly specular doped multilayer zigzag GNR interconnects is comparable to(More)
A physics based analytical model for double gate metal oxide semiconductor graphene field effect transistor (GFET) has been presented. We have derived the expression of drain to source current using the general physics of conventional silicon MOSFET. The explicit expression of drain current is very simple and few fitting parameters have been considered to(More)
Due to continued scaling of feature sizes, signal integrity and performance of today's copper based nanoscale interconnects are severely impacted. In this work, an ABCD parameter based model is presented for fast and accurate estimation of crosstalk delay and noise for identically coupled copper based nano-interconnect systems. Using the proposed analytical(More)