Manochehr Sattari Naeini

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It is well established that the Myoelecterical prosthesis must also be effective, smart, light, strong and high permanence, compared to those of Mechanical prosthesis. It is time consuming and expensive that has ultimately led to significant increases in the price of Myoelecterical prosthesis. Therefore, considering the high cost of these prostheses should(More)
Congenital maxillomandibular fusion (syngnathia) is rare. The first case was reported in 1936. By 2004, only 25 cases of syngnathia had been reported including 6 cases with fusion of the ascending rami of the mandible with the maxilla and zygomatic complex. This report concerns a 6-month-old girl with a type of congenital fusion of the ascending rami of the(More)
For new medical products and new drugs, unanticipated side effects that rise after consuming the new product is a dominant factor in decision making. In this project, an artificial neural network (NN) engine is designed and developed by the authors to the aim of a medical risk assessment. Firstly, an appropriate NN system is designed and trained. We mostly(More)
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