Manny Hayes

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This paper outlines the development of a navigation system to give semi-autonomous operation of wheelchairs. Our goal is to develop a navigation system that is commercially viable and capable of being retro-fitted to powered electric wheelchairs in the near future. We introduce our proposed system, and discuss the three crucial components of any(More)
This article focuses on adaptive filtering or, more generally, adaptive signal processing, the design of time-varying (adaptive) digital filters that would tune themselves to optimally process nonstationary signals in nonstationary environments. Least mean square (LMS) algorithm is widely used in adaptive signal processing, and is the most well-understood(More)
The Tyndall Mote is a technology platform for research activities in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). BEM is one of the major application areas as it has been demonstrated that energy effic iency savings of up to 1520% are possible by using WSN technology in smart build ing applications [1]. The current mote design offers a modular, flexible and stackable(More)
By incorporating bit-manipulation routines into Fortran-77, it is now possible to manipulate bits or partial word operands without having to write assembly-coded subroutines. Because the routines are now acceptable to Fortran-77 compilers, the accessing code is now portable to other Fortran Machines.
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