Manmohan Manoharan

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With embedded systems penetrating our daily lives, there is a growing need to teach and train engineers who are well-versed in designing and developing such platforms. Owing to multi-disciplinary nature of real-time embedded systems, imparting exposure and experience in all facets of such systems is challenging. While most existing courses use a variety of(More)
Virtual memory is optimized for SRAM-based memory devices in which memory accesses are symmetric, i.e., the latency of read and write accesses are similar. Unfortunately, with the emergence of newer non-volatile memory (NVM) technologies that are denser and more energy efficient, this assumption is no longer valid. For example, STT-RAMs are known to have(More)
SUMMARY My research area lies in compiler optimizations for energy efficient computing. I am investigating novel static code analysis and data layout schemes to utilize new memory technologies such as STT-RAM as processor caches. Additionally, I have gained experience in Linux memory management to extend operating support for deploying such non-volatile(More)
In this paper we first present a new fabrication process of downscaled graphene nanodevices based on direct milling of graphene using an atomic-size He<sup>+</sup> ion beam. We then study the effects of the He<sup>+</sup> ion exposure on the carrier transport properties in a bilayer graphene nanoribbon (GNR) by varying the time of He ion bombardment, along(More)
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