Manmohan Aggarwal

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An algorithm to estimate pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) parameters of a PTZ camera from meta data and frame-to-frame (F2F) correspondences at different sampling rates is proposed in a real-time video surveillance and automatic object tracking system. Two extended Kalman filters are designed to simultaneously estimate zoom and pan-tilt parameters. Uncorrelated(More)
Neodymium-doped benzil crystals have been synthesized and characterized for their absorption, emission, and kinetics properties. From Judd-Ofelt analysis, the radiative decay time of Nd emission (peaking at 1055 nm) is estimated to be equal to 441 mus. The experimental Nd lifetime (under Ar+ laser excitation) is equal to 19 mus. The broad emission band(More)
Various optical arrangements of a double-wedge-plate shearing interferometer are presented for checking laser beam collimation. The use of moiré fringes is found to be advantageous for setting the shear fringes parallel to the direction of shear in order to obtain a well-collimated laser beam. The experimental procedure and various details of the(More)
Numerical calculations were performed to assess the effect of localized radial heating on the melt-crystal interface shape during vertical Bridgman growth. System parameters examined include the ampoule, melt and crystal thermal conductivities, the magnitude and width of localized heating, and the latent heat of crystallization. Concave interface shapes,(More)
We present electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR)--evidence of photomagnetism under the conditions of in situ green laser illumination (photo-EPR) in lead magnesium niobate-lead titanate, Pb(Mg,Nb)O3-PbTiO3 (PMN-PT), containing nanoparticles/wires of orthorhombic beta-PbO as identified by Raman spectroscopy. Photo-EPR studies of the sample containing(More)
We propose a simplified modeling approach for multi-phase reactor systems. The model can be used to determine system characteristics, explore parameter sensitivity and test control strategies. The model is based on the thermodynamic equilibrium assumption and invariant inventories to make it computationally inexpensive. We show that the control approach(More)
During the process of image acquisition, sometimes images are degraded by various reasons. Image restoration is a challenging task in the field of Image processing. The process of recovering such degraded or corrupted image is called Image Restoration. Restoration process improves the appearance of the image. The degraded image is the convolution of the(More)
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