Manmeet Mahinderjit Singh

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Peritoneal encapsulation is an exceedingly rare developmental abnormality in which the small intestine is encased in an accessory peritoneal sac between the omentum and mesocolon. Two clinical signs associated with the dense fibrous layer encapsulating the intestine are described. The first is a fixed, asymmetrical distension of the abdomen, which does not(More)
Radio frequency identification-enabled supply chain systems are in an open system environment, where different organisations have different business workflows and operate on different standards and protocols. This supply-chain environment can only be effective if the partners can trust each other and be collaborative. However, Radio Frequency Identification(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this report is to describe a rare case of delayed metachronous isolated metastases of renal cell carcinoma (RCC) to the parotid gland and the cerebellum. The metastases occurred more than a decade after treatment of the primary tumor without any other systemic involvement. In addition, the potential differential diagnosis of the(More)
The stream cipher Salsa20 and its reduced versions are among the fastest stream ciphers available today. However, Salsa20/7 is broken and Salsa20/12 is not as safe as before. Therefore, Salsa20 must completely perform all of the four rounds of encryption to achieve a good diffusion in order to resist the known attacks. In this paper, a new variant of(More)