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Nondiffracting Bessel beams have been recently applied to single shot ultrafast laser processing of high aspect ratio nanochannels. We review the principles and benefits of nondiffracting Bessel beams for material processing, and we compare experimental results with numerical simulations. We show how the station-arity of nonlinear propagation of ultrafast(More)
Emotion based music retrieval is a music player based on user's emotion. Many music devices and mobile music players are used to listen to music. A practical problem is selection of desired music. Nowadays many devices are integrated with cameras. This paper gives how to take advantage of these one camera systems. In this proposed system emotion is(More)
<i>Recurrent Neural Network (RNN)</i> has been known to be very useful in predicting software reliability. A number of parametric models and reliability growth models, have been proposed, but developing a model that can predict reliability in all types of data sets, in any environment, and at any phase of software development is still a challenge. In this(More)
Computational Intelligence has been known to be very useful in predicting software reliability. In this paper, two kinds of investigations are performed. First, we provide a systematic review of Software Reliability Prediction studies with consideration of various metrics, methods and CI techniques (including fuzzy logic, neural networks, genetic(More)
The use of nondiffracting femtosecond Bessel beams has recently been shown to be a powerful new approach for writing nanometer and micrometer surface features in glass. In this paper we review our recent experimental results in this area. The advantages of Bessel beams in yielding non-critical sample positioning and for fabricating high aspect ratio(More)
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