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We establish conditions for the existence of periodic solutions of nonlinear, second-order difference equations of the form y(t + 2) + by(t + 1) + cy(t) = f (y(t)), where c = 0 and f : R → R is continuous. In our main result we assume that f exhibits sublinear growth and that there is a constant β > 0 such that u f (u) > 0 whenever |u| ≥ β. For such an(More)
We study possibilities to suppress the transverse modulational instability (MI) of dark-soliton stripes in two-dimensional Bose-Einstein condensates (BEC's) and self-defocusing bulk optical waveguides by means of quasi-one-dimensional structures. Adding an external repulsive barrier potential (which can be induced in BEC by a laser sheet, or by an embedded(More)
The Poisson Boltzmann equation is a model that describes electrostatic interactions between molecules in ionic solutions. As the mathematical base for the Gouy Chapman double layer (interfacial) theory, it was first proposed by Gouy in 1910 and then complemented by Chapman in 1913. The equation is extraordinarily important in the fields of molecular(More)