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Business organizations produce and sell private goods for a price. Since their customers, if not satisfied by the product, can withhold revenue, it is possible for the shareholders to control the performance of hired managers through residual net income-based contracts. Public good organizations, on the other hand, have beneficiaries, who have no simple and(More)
India is the largest manufacturer of tractors in the world. They are used for primary and secondary tillage operations and as a means of transportation. Vibration in tractor driving can cause deafness and disorders of the spinal column and stomach. The effect of implements on tractor ride is not well understood in India. The present study was undertaken to(More)
There are several development initiatives involving form factor of IC technology, with the much spoken-about difficulty of progressing along the Moore’s curve. 3D IC technology assures higher levels of miniaturization and integration, focuses on portraying advances in interconnect technologies, and a reduction of interconnect delays. 3D IC technologies(More)
This paper presents a novel high-speed BCH (hamming) decoder that corrects single-bit errors in parallel and multiple-bit errors corrects serial manner. The proposed decoder is constructed by a novel design and is suitable for nanoscale memory systems, in which multiple-bit errors occur at a probability comparable to single-bit errors and multiple errors(More)
With the establishment of telemedicine clinics becoming the order of the day, identification of an ideal transmission scheme assumes critical importance. Large scale research on wavelet bases and their applicability in image processing has given rise to a wide spectrum of denoising, enhancement and compression algorithms differing in quality and complexity.(More)
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