Manjula Jagannath

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This report summarizes 2 years experience in performing 336 autotransplant procedures in 251 consecutive patients with multiple myeloma, using high-dose melphalan at 200 mg/m2 in the context of a tandem transplant program. A total of 91 patients received 118 transplants as outpatients while the remaining 160 patients received 218 transplants as inpatients.(More)
BACKGROUND Control of the global Tuberculosis (TB) burden is hindered by the lack of a simple and effective diagnostic test that can be utilized in resource-limited settings. METHODS We evaluated the performance of Truenat MTB™, a chip-based nucleic acid amplification test in the detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) in clinical sputum specimens(More)
The authors studied the incidence of nasal and visceral schistosomosis in 300 male cattle that were slaughtered in 2001 at the Karnataka Meat and Poultry Marketing Corporation Limited abattoir in Bangalore, South India. The nasal and intestinal scrapings and their contents were screened for eggs and the nasal and visceral cuttings were examined for worms.(More)
Cattle naturally infected with nasal schistosomiasis were treated with a single oral dose of praziquantel at 20mg/kg body weight. The drug was highly effective causing a considerable reduction in egg counts, cessation of clinical signs and progressive regression of the nasal granulomatous growths. Des bovins naturellement infestés de schistosomose nasale(More)
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