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Splenic artery aneurysm (SAA) is a rare clinical entity that carries the risk of rupture and fatal hemorrhage. Ruptured SAA, especially during pregnancy has fateful consequences for the mother, foetus or both. The role of the Radiologist is very important in preventing mortality. A diagnosis of ruptured SAA should be considered in any pregnant patient who(More)
Thrombocytopenia is a well- recognized complication of heparin therapy. The diagnosis is mostly clinical and the main value of laboratory testing is in excluding the diagnosis. We describe here a patient with stroke who had aspiration pneumonia leading to sepsis. She developed atrial fibrillation and received heparin which had to be stopped prematurely due(More)
Post-partum ovarian vein thrombosis is an uncommon clinical presentation. 90% of cases present as right loin and right iliac fossa pain, within 10 days of the puerperal period. Two such cases that were referred to the Imaging department as suspected appendicitis/ureteric colic are reported. The findings seen on imaging illustrate the difficulty in the(More)
Rapunzel syndrome is a rare type of trichobezoar with extension of the hair into the small bowel. Clinical presentation can be deceptive ranging from upper abdominal mass to gastrointestinal obstructive symptoms. In majority of cases, the diagnosis is made very late in the history of the disease due to late patient presentation in lieu of his underlying(More)
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