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Public Key Cryptosystems assure privacy as well as integrity of the transactions between two parties. The sizes of the keys play an important role. The larger the key the harder is to crack a block of encrypted data. We propose a new public key cryptosystem and a Key Exchange Protocol based on the generalization of discrete logarithm problem using(More)
The basic operation in elliptic curve cryptosystem is scalar multiplication. It is the computation of integer multiple of a given point on the curve. Computation of scalar multiple is faster by using signed binary representation as compared to binary representation. In this paper 'Direct Recoding Method' a new modified algorithm for computation of signed(More)
In 2005, Abdalla and Pointcheval suggested a new variation of the computational DH assumption called chosen based computational Diffie Hellman (CCDH) and presented SPAKE-1 and SPAKE-2 simple password based authenticated key exchange protocols. Since then several three party password authenticated key agreement protocols have been proposed based on CCDH(More)
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