Manju Rajeswaran

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The three-dimensional structure, conformation, and packing of molecules in the solid state are crucial components used in the optimization of many technologically useful materials properties. Single-crystal X-ray diffraction is the traditional and most effective method of determining 3-D structures in the solid state. Obtaining single crystals that are(More)
A new class of coumarin-based iridium tris-cyclometalated complexes has been developed. These complexes are highly emissive, with emission colors ranging from green to orange-red. Besides modification of ligand structures, color tuning was realized by incorporation of ligands with different electrochemical properties in a heteroleptic structure. The organic(More)
A highly efficient and general method based on transmetalation with an organozinc reagent is developed for selective preparation of homo- and heteroleptic meridional tris-cyclometalated iridium complexes. The molecular structure of mer-Ir(1-piq)2(ppy) (2) has been determined by a single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis. The emission properties of a series(More)
The photophysical properties of tris-cyclometalated iridium(III) complexes have been probed by chemical and geometric variation through the series fac- and mer-Ir(piq)(x)(ppy)(3-x) (x = 1-3; piq = 1-phenylisoquinolinato-N(∧)C(2'), ppy = 2-phenylpyridinato-N(∧)C(2')). The phosphorescent decays were recorded in solution at 295 K and in polymer films from 2 to(More)
The pyrimidine nucleoside, 1-beta-D-ribofuranosyl pyridine-2-one-5-carboxamide, is an anti inflammatory agent used in the treatment of adjuvant-induced arthritis. It is the 2-one isomer of 1-beta-D-ribofuranosyl pyridine-4-one 5-carboxamide, an unusual nucleoside isolated from the urine of patients with chronic myelogenic leukemia and an important cancer(More)
In the title compound, C(14)H(9)NO(2), the phenyl ring makes a dihedral angle of 50.59 (5)° with the mean plane of the isatin fragment. In the crystal, mol-ecules are linked through weak inter-molecular C-H⋯O hydrogen bonds. The crystal structure also exhibits two slipped π-π inter-actions between the benzene rings of neighbouring mol-ecules(More)
The title compound, C(26)H(26)N(2)O(4), synthesized by the reaction of naphthalene-1,4,5,8-tetra-carboxylic acid anhydride and cyclo-hexyl-amine, exhibits good n-type semiconducting properties. Accordingly, thin-film transistor devices comprising this compound show n-type behavior with high field-effect electron moblity ca 6 cm(2)/Vs [Shukla, Nelson,(More)
The title mol-ecule, C(22)H(8)F(14)N(2)O(4), lies across a crystallographic inversion center with the naphthalene diimide core essentially planar (mean deviation from plane is 0.0583 Å). The CF(2) groups in the perfluorobutyl chains are in an energetically favorable all trans conformation. In the crystal structure, mol-ecules are packed in slightly(More)
High-resolution powder X-ray diffraction and density functional plane wave pseudopotential techniques have been used to obtain an optimized structural model of silver arachidate, [Ag(O2C(CH2)18CH3]2. The unit cell is triclinic, space group P-1 with cell dimensions of a = 4.1519(10) Å, b = 4.7055(10) Å, c = 53.555(4) Å, á = 89.473(15) ̊, â = 87.617(5) ̊, ã =(More)