Manju Rajeswaran

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High-resolution powder X-ray diffraction and density functional plane wave pseudopotential techniques have been used to obtain an optimized structural model of silver arachidate, [Ag(O 2 C(CH 2) 18 CH 3 ] 2. The unit cell is triclinic, space group P-1 with cell dimensions of a = The structure is characterized by an 8-membered ring dimer of Ag atoms and(More)
The title compound, C(26)H(26)N(2)O(4), synthesized by the reaction of naphthalene-1,4,5,8-tetra-carboxylic acid anhydride and cyclo-hexyl-amine, exhibits good n-type semiconducting properties. Accordingly, thin-film transistor devices comprising this compound show n-type behavior with high field-effect electron moblity ca 6 cm(2)/Vs [Shukla, Nelson,(More)
The title mol-ecule, C(22)H(8)F(14)N(2)O(4), lies across a crystallographic inversion center with the naphthalene diimide core essentially planar (mean deviation from plane is 0.0583 Å). The CF(2) groups in the perfluorobutyl chains are in an energetically favorable all trans conformation. In the crystal structure, mol-ecules are packed in slightly(More)
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