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Objective: Tb is considered to be growing menaces in various countries especially Africa and South East Asia. In 2011, 8.7 million people fell ill with TB, out of which a total of about 1.4 million people died. The children being affected in large, increases the severity of Tb. It remains to be the leading cause of death of people infected with HIV. The(More)
1,3,4-Oxadizoles form a biologically important group of compounds having activities like analgesic, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, antifungal, anticonvulsant, psychotropic, plant growth regulating and mono amino oxidase inhibition. This research has focused on the incorporation of the oxadiazole moiety into isoniazid because of their versatile biological(More)
INTRODUCTION Drug delivery to the colon is beneficial not only for the oral delivery of proteins and peptide drugs (degraded by digestive enzymes of stomach and small intestine) but also for the delivery of low molecular weight compounds used to treat diseases associated with the colon or large intestine such as ulcerative colitis, diarrhea, and colon(More)
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