Manjot Singh Cheema

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The lipoprotein fractions in mesenteric lymph were monitored following intraduodenal administration of arachis oil and oleic, linoleic and linolenic fatty acids to rats. An increase in the chylomicron fraction, but not the VLDL or LDL fraction, was observed with each lipid. The greater the degree of unsaturation of the fatty acid, the more rapid the onset(More)
A method using epi-fluorescence microscopy and image analysis has been developed to follow and quantify the diffusion of fluorescent compounds through gels. Two mathematical approaches were employed to calculate diffusion coefficients. The spatial resolution provided by the fluorescence microscope allowed diffusion to be followed over very short distances;(More)
Form accuracy of a machined component is one of the performance indicators of a machining process. Ultrasonic micromachining is one such process in which the form accuracy of the micromachined component significantly depends upon the form stability of tool. Unlike macromachining, a very small amount of tool wear in micromachining could lead to considerable(More)
The ability to fabricate complex structures and patterns at micron and nano level has facilitated use of many miniature devices in various applications. Fluid mixing is one of the major requirements in such microfluidic devices [1]. Efficient mixing of two and more fluids was made possible by development of 3 D microchannels [2, 3]. Effective mixing was(More)
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