Manjil Patel

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The aim of the present study was to improve the solubility of poorly water soluble drug lovastatin (LS) by solid dispersion (SD) techniques using modified locust bean gum (MLBG) as a carrier. The locust bean gum (LBG) was modified by heating and there observed irreversible decrease in viscosity, whereas swelling property remains unaffected. The advantage of(More)
The dissolution of oxalic acid dihydrate crystals of log-normal particle-size distribution in 0.1 N HC1 was studied. A biphasic cube root dependence was found; the slopes of the initial cube root plots were consistent with theory based on dissolution of isometric, isotropic particles where assumptions were made of: (a) sink conditions, (b)(More)
In spite of the fact that film theory is based on severe assumptionss, it is shown to be a good working model. The Niebergall-Goyan equation, the Short-Sharkey-Rhodes equation, and the Pothisiri-Carstensen equation-all based on simple film theory-are shown to hold through 80-90% of the dissolutin process for p-hydroxybenzoic acid and sodium chloride, both(More)
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