Manjeet Kumar

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The Eukaryotic Linear Motif (ELM) resource ( is a manually curated database of short linear motifs (SLiMs). In this update, we present the latest additions to this resource, along with more improvements to the web interface. ELM 2016 contains more than 240 different motif classes with over 2700 experimentally validated instances, manually(More)
In this paper, a new meta-heuristic optimization technique, called interior search algorithm (ISA) with Lèvy flight is proposed and applied to determine the optimal parameters of an unknown infinite impulse response (IIR) system for the system identification problem. ISA is based on aesthetics, which is commonly used in interior design and decoration(More)
A novel metal-free strategy for a rapid and α-selctive C-alkynylation of glycals was developed. The reaction utilizes TMSOTf as a promoter to generate in situ trimethylsilylacetylene for C-alkynylation. Thanks to this methodology, we can access C-glycosides in a single step from a variety of acetylenes , i.e., arylacetylenes and most importantly aliphatic(More)
BACKGROUND Deposition of protein fibrillar aggregates called amyloids in the tissue, is the principal cause of several degenerative diseases. Here, we have shown the disaggregation potential of rottlerin towards hen egg white lysozyme (HEWL) fibrils formed under alkaline conditions (pH-12.2). METHODS Several biophysical methods like Atomic force(More)
Microsatellites also known as simple sequence repeats (SSRs) consist of 1-6 nucleotide long repeating units. The importance of mitochondrial SSRs (mtSSRs) in fields like population genetics, plant phylogenetics and genome mapping motivated us to develop MitoSatPlant, a repository of plant mtSSRs. It contains information for perfect, imperfect and compound(More)
This paper applied a novel global meta-heuristic optimization algorithm, cuckoo search algorithm (CSA) to determine optimal coefficients of a fractional delay-infinite impulse response (FD-IIR) filter and trying to meet the ideal frequency response characteristics. Since fractional delay-IIR filter design is a multi-modal optimization problem, it cannot be(More)
A target synthesis of a library of symmetric aromatic diselenides was attempted with the aim of generating anticancer lead compounds. Out of thirteen screened molecules (1-13) against a panel of human cancer cell lines, compound 8 exhibited highest cell growth inhibition in Human leukemia HL-60 cells with IC50 value of 8 μM. Compound 8 had a good(More)
The synthesis and bio-evaluation of naturally occurring boswellic acids (BAs) as an alternate CAP for the design of new HDAC inhibitors is described. All the compounds were screened against a panel of human cancer cell lines to identify leads, which were subsequently examined for their potential to inhibit HDACs. The identified lead compound showed IC50(More)
Tumor angiogenesis is a validated target for therapeutic intervention, but agents that are more disease selective are needed. Here, we report the isolation of secalonic acid-D (SAD), a mycotoxin from a novel source that exhibits potent antiangiogenic antitumor activity. SAD inhibited multiple HIF1a/VEGF-arbitrated angiogenesis dynamics as scored in human(More)