Manjari Roy

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Objective: Various types of filters have been designed to prevent cross contamination of ventilation and respiratory devices. The aim of this study was to experimentally measure the retention efficiency of four simple filters (antibacterial and antivirial and seven combined filters (antibacterial and antiviral plus heat and water exchangers). Setting: The(More)
Conserving large populations with unique adaptations is essential for minimizing extinction risks. Sundarban mangroves (>10,000 km2) are the only mangrove inhabited by tigers. Baseline information about this tiger population is lacking due to its man-eating reputation and logistic difficulties of sampling. Herein, we adapt photographic(More)
The Sundarban of India and Bangladesh (about 6000 km²) are the only mangrove forests inhabited by a sizeable population of tigers. The adjoining area also supports one of the highest human densities and experiences severe human-tiger conflicts. We used GPS-Satellite and VHF radio-collars on 6 (3 males and 3 female) tigers to study their ranging patterns and(More)
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