Manjaree Pandit

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The paper presents an effective evolutionarymethod for economic power dispatch. The idea is to allocate power demand to the on-line power generators in such amanner that the cost of operation isminimized. Conventional methods assume quadratic or piecewise quadratic cost curves of power generators but modern generating units have non-linearities which make(More)
Economic dispatch is carried out at the energy control center to find out the optimal output of thermal generating units such that power balance criterion is met, unit operating limits are satisfied and the fuel cost is minimized. With growing environmental awareness and strict government regulations throughout the world, it has become essential to optimize(More)
Gradient-based traditional algorithms fail to locate optimal solutions for real-world problems with non-differentiable/discontinuous objective functions. But biologically inspired optimization algorithms, due to their unconventional random search capability, provide good solutions within finite time to multimodal and non-convex problems. The search(More)
At the central energy management center in a power system, the real time controls continuously track the load changes and endeavor to match the total power demand with total generation in such a manner that the operating cost is minimized while all the operating constraints are satisfied. However, due to the strict government regulations on environmental(More)
In recent years, voltage limit violation and power system load-generation imbalance, i.e., line loading limit violation have been responsible for several incidents of major network collapses leading to partial or even complete blackouts. Alleviation of line overloads is the suitable corrective action in this regard. The control action strategies to limit(More)
In a deregulated electricity industry, competitive bidding for energy and reserve is increasingly gaining importance and playing a decisive role in maintaining system reliability. The transmission capacity limits have a significant impact on market cost, therefore these limits should also be considered while optimizing the joint dispatch. In this paper, a(More)
Continuous power supply is crucial for any developing economy and its cost efficiency and reliability is highly dependent on operating reserve. Globally, the power systems are adopting a market based structure to enhance performance. In conventional electricity markets reserve gets a second place as its dispatch is performed after energy allocation but in(More)
Power system security is one of the major concerns in competitive electricity markets driven by trade demands and regulations. If the system is found to be insecure, timely corrective measures need to be taken to prevent system collapse. This paper presents an approach based on a counterpropagation neural network (CPNN) to identify and rank the(More)