Manja Rogelja

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This study aimed to assess the benthic ecosystem trophic status in a heavily polluted marine area and the response of the microbenthic community to multiple and diffuse anthropogenic impacts, integrating information coming from the active and resting (plankton's cysts) components of microbenthos. Two sampling campaigns were carried out in the period(More)
Knowledge on ecosystem functioning can largely contribute to promote ecosystem-based management and its application. The Mar Piccolo of Taranto is a densely populated area at a high risk of environmental crisis. Here, planktonic primary production (PP) and heterotrophic prokaryotic production (HPP) were measured as proxies of functioning in three sampling(More)
Marine benthic microalgae are a promising bioindicator of contamination. To date, however, investigations on the microbenthic communities subjected to multiple stressors in natural environments are still very rare. To assess whether the benthic processes of primary production and oxygen consumption, and the structure of active and resting microbenthos, were(More)
Sediment samplings were performed to investigate the microphytobenthic community and photosynthetic activity adaptations to gas emissions and higher temperature in the Aeolian Islands during a three-year period (2012-2014). Higher microphytobenthic densities were recorded at the vent stations and values were even more pronounced in relation with high(More)
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