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We present an experimental study of the coiling instability of a liquid "rope" falling on a solid surface. Coiling can occur in three different regimes--viscous, gravitational, or inertial--depending on the fluid viscosity and density, the fall height, and the flow rate. The competition among the different forces causes the coiling frequency first to(More)
As shown by Landau, Levich and Derjaguin, a plate withdrawn out of a wetting bath at low capillary numbers deforms the very top of the liquid reservoir. At this place, a dynamic meniscus forms, whose shape and curvature select the thickness of the film entrained by the plate. In this paper, we measure accurately the thickness of the entrained film by(More)
We discuss here the nature of the Landau-Levich transition, that is, the dynamical transition that occurs when drawing a solid out of a bath of a liquid that partially wets this solid. Above a threshold velocity, a film is entrained by the solid. We measure the macroscopic contact angle between the liquid and the solid by different methods, and conclude(More)
We present a combined experimental and numerical investigation of the coiling of a liquid "rope" falling on a solid surface, focusing on three little-explored aspects of the phenomenon: The time dependence of "inertio-gravitational" coiling, the systematic dependence of the radii of the coil and the rope on the experimental parameters, and the "secondary(More)
Optical spectrum analyzers are of increasing importance in fiber-optic laboratories. To perform reliable measurements with these devices, one must calibrate them with respect to wavelength, resolution bandwidth, power, etc. and know the temperature dependence of such calibrations. We have constructed a temperature-controlled chamber that can contain a(More)
We report experiments on slow granular flows in a split-bottom Couette cell that show novel strain localization features. Nontrivial flow profiles have been observed which are shown to be the consequence of simultaneous formation of shear zones in the bulk and at the boundaries. The fluctuating band model based on a minimization principle can be fitted to(More)
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