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Pyranocoumarin and Triterpene from Millettia Richardiana
From the stem bark of a Madagascan endemic plant, Millettia richardiana Baill., lonchocarpenin and betulinic acid were isolated and their structures established by spectroscopic methods. The analysisExpand
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Epi-betulinic acid from the stem bark of Anthostema madagascariensis Baill. (Euphorbiaceae) extracts and its laxative activity in mice
The latex of Anthostema madagascariensis is used as a purgative in Malagasy traditional medicine. The study was aimed to investigate the laxative activity of stem barks extracts of A.Expand
Isoquinoline alkaloids from stem bark of Colubrina decipiens (Baill.) Capuron
From the stem bark of a Madagascar endemic plant, Colubrina decipiens Baill. Capuron, one new isoquinoline 9-hydroxy-2, 3, 10-trimethoxynoraprophine named Decipine 3 and four known isoquinolines,Expand
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A new halimane from Croton argyrodaphne H. Baillon
From the stem barks of a Madagascar endemic plant, Croton argyrodaphne H. Baillon, one new furanoditerpenoid, argyrodaphnin 3, two known terpenoids: acetyl aleuritolic acid 1, penduliflaworosin 2 andExpand