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In a heterogeneous wireless network, multiple networks are available to provide seamless connectivity. In this environment, the terminal has the ability to connect to most efficient network as per users requirements. This is known as network selection. This selection is done by assigning weightage to network attributes on the basis of users preference. In(More)
Wireless Sensor Network platforms are less expensive and more powerful having tiny electronic devices called Motes (sensor nodes). Wireless sensor networks enhance its popularity in military and health centric research areas; now it is also popular in industrial area. This paper describes the security requirements as WSNs are easily prone to more attacks(More)
In the presence of heterogeneous wireless network the selection of optimal network for transferring data and telephony is an important task. The selection of optimal network is done either at user terminal or at service provider terminal or at both terminals. This selection is done by some advancement in the mobile terminal. Therefore, the main challenge in(More)
An optimum DFT-modulated filter bank with sharp transition band as a non-linear optimization has been formulated .The design of this filter is very expensive by the standard method ,and hence the frequency response masking(FRM) technique is developed so as to reduce the complexity in the design process. An effective approach is proposed to solve this(More)
In present paper, we are providing enhanced security to Manet using the Back Propagation Method of Artificial Neural Networks. Here we eliminate the use of files for storing the passwords or other encrypted content used in the network , by replacing them with much secure weight matrix of Back Propagation. The neural network system is trained for some data(More)
The paper is about application and simulation of Cryptographic Algorithms using models of Artificial Neural Networks. It is proposed that Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANET's) which are temporary networks where devices share information can be secured using Back Propagation Model of Artificial Neural Network. Such a Network if simulated or trained will be able to(More)
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