Manisha Sunil Bhende

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— Genetic algorithm (GA), as an important intelligence computing tool, is a wide research content in the application domain and the academic circle now. This paper elaborates the improvement of premature convergence in GA used for optimizing multimodal numerical problems. Mutation is the principle operation in Genetic Algorithm (GA) for enhancing the degree(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have become one of the important areas in networking field. This is because sensors as compared to others are cheaper, efficient, adaptable and smaller. These sensors are having wireless interfaces to communicate with each other. The design of wireless sensor networks is application specific. Change in the application leads(More)
Topology issues have received more and more attentions in Wireless Sensor Networks. WSN applications are normally optimized by the given underlying network topology. Topology control is an effective method to improve the energy efficiency of wireless sensor networks. Due to the severe resource limitations of the sensor nodes (e.g., small battery, limited(More)
Parking problems are a common problem in most major cities. The limited availability of parking space results in traffic congestion, air pollution, time consuming as well as economy of the nation. The price for parking expansion is usually prohibitively or extremely high. All above various problems can be overcome by constructing a parking area that is(More)
Energy consumption in wireless sensor network is of paramount importance, which is demonstrated by large number of algorithms, techniques and protocols that have been developed to save energy and to extend lifetime. In WSN for mission critical application two performance metrics are: reliability and energy efficiency. In literature CDS based technique is(More)
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