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Reserve constrained multi-area economic dispatch employing differential evolution with time-varying mutation
Abstract For a power pool that involves several generation areas interconnected by tie-lines, the objective of economic dispatch (ED) is to determine the most economical generation dispatch strategyExpand
Multi-area economic dispatch with tie-line constraints employing evolutionary approach
Economic dispatch (ED) has the objective of generation allocation to the power generators in such a manner that the total fuel cost is minimized while all operating constraints are satisfied. For theExpand
Environmental economic dispatch in multi-area power system employing improved differential evolution with fuzzy selection
A multi-objective differential evolution technique with fuzzy selection is proposed where the selection operation is modified to reduce the complexity of multi-attribute decision making with the help of a fuzzy framework. Expand
Integrated Fuzzy Logic Approach for Calculation of Health Index of Power Transformer
Fuzzy sub-models for transformer health index evaluation by integrating fuzzy sub models . Expand
Large-scale multi-zone optimal power dispatch using hybrid hierarchical evolution technique
A new hybrid technique based on hierarchical evolution is proposed for large, non-convex, multi-zone economic dispatch (MZED) problems considering all practical constraints. Evolutionary/swarmExpand
Reserve Constrained Multi-Area Economic Dispatch Employing Evolutionary Approach
The objective of Multi-area economic dispatch (MAED) is to determine the generation levels and the interchange power between areas that minimize fuel costs, while satisfying power balance and generating limit and transmission constraints. Expand
A Solution to Non-convex/Convex and Dynamic Economic Load Dispatch Problem Using Moth Flame Optimizer
Moth flame optimization algorithm is novel nature inspired heuristic paradigm inspired by navigation method of moths in nature and based on the concept that the moth eventually converges toward the light. Expand
Energy Management of village towards self sufficiency
In the past fifty years are we have seen more and more areas gaining access to grid electricity, from city to town to prosperous and accessible village. Then again, a large percentage of villages areExpand
Performance comparison of enhanced PSO and DE variants for dynamic energy/reserve scheduling in multi-zone electricity market
The present work proposes a model for the joint static/dynamic dispatch of energy and reserve in deregulated market for multi-area operation using enhanced versions of particle swarm optimization and differential evolution. Expand
An Analytical Hierarchy Process Based Approach for Effective Maintenance Prioritization of Power Transformers
We use a Multiple Attribute Decision Making (MADM) technique for power transformer diagnosis and maintenance prioritization. Expand