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In this paper, four-bit unsigned up counter with an asynchronous clear and a clock enable is designed in Xilinx ISE 14.2 and implemented on high performance Virtex-6 FPGA, XC6VLX240T device, -1 speed grade, FFG1156 package and ML605 board. User constraints file (ucf) and net list constraints design (ncd) file are taken into consideration with XPower 14.2(More)
In this work, our focus is on study and analysis of various clock gating technique and design and analysis of clock gating based low power sequential circuit at RTL level. Virtex-6 is 40-nm FPGA, on which we implement our circuit to re-assure power reduction in sequential circuit. Clock gating is implemented on smaller circuit called D flip-flop and on(More)
This paper provides a detailed performance analysis of low power and high speed Look up Table (LUT) by using a circuit technique. Proper sizing of all the sleep transistors are done in the LUT to achieve an optimum power –delay relationship so that it can be used for fast growing low power applications. Also, we have implemented a benchmark circuit(More)
In this work, Virtex-6 is Target 40nm FPGA Device. Xilinx ISE 14.1 is an ISE Design tool. RAM is a target design. Clock Gating is a technique which decreases clock power but increases Logic Power due to added Logic in Design. Irrespective of increase in number of Signal and IO buffer due to Clock Gating, there is significant decrease in IO Power and Dynamic(More)
In Present scenario battery-powered hand-held multimedia systems become popular. The power consumption in these devices is a major concern these days for its long operational life. Although various techniques to reduce the power dissipation has been developed. The most adopted method is to lower the supply voltage. But lowering the V dd reduces the gate(More)