Manisha P. Dale

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This paper proposes a bimodal biometric system for person identification using two traits, hand geometry and palm texture. The proposed system use complete hand images to find hand geometry and palm texture features. Unlike other multimodal biometric systems, the user does not have to undergo the inconvenience of using two different sensors as two(More)
Fruits and vegetables market is subject of choice. Thus, it is important for the suppliers to label the quality of goods before dealing out. Some commercially available fruit sorting and grading system have been introduced, but they are almost expensive for small and medium fruit processing industry. Presently, human experts grade the agriculture goods(More)
Multi-modal biometric systems capture two or more biometric samples and use fusion to combine their analysis to produce a better match decision by simultaneously decreasing the False Acceptance Rate (FAR) and False Rejection Rate (FRR). Information from multiple sources can be consolidated in several distinct levels, including the feature extraction level,(More)
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