Manisha N Ashar

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The possible hypocholesterolemic effect of acidophilus milk was evaluated on 27 human subjects having different levels of serum cholesterol,i.e.<2.0 (group C1), 2.0–2.2 (C2), 2.2–2.5 (C3) and>2.5 g/L (C4). The acidophilus milk was prepared by fermentation of low-fat milk withLactobacillus acidophilus and was fed to each volunteer at the rate of 200 mL/d for(More)
In this investigation, the effects of feeding encapsulated cells (rhizomycelia and zoospores) of a fibrolytic isolate from an anaerobic fungus (Neocallimastix sp. CF 17) on nutrient digestion, ruminal fermentation, microbial populations, enzyme profile and growth performance were evaluated in buffaloes. In three in vitro studies, the true digestibility of(More)
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