Manisha Bhatt

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Traumatic diaphragmatic injury (DI) is a unique clinical entity that is usually occult and can easily be missed. Their delayed presentation can be due to the delayed rupture of the diaphragm or delayed detection of diaphragmatic rupture, making the accurate diagnosis of DI challenging to the trauma surgeons. An emergency laparotomy and thorough exploration(More)
Aeronautical Telemetry links were comprised of a transmit antenna mounted on the underside of fuselage and a fixed ground station equipped with a tracking antenna. Air-to-ground channel for this telemetry link can be estimated as line of sight propagation. But there is link loss observed at ground control station for certain instant of time. Possible causes(More)
Solitary neurofibroma is a rare tumor of the head and neck region. It is more common in viscera, where it is associated with features of NF1. It occurs most often between the third and fourth decade. These lesions are extremely rare in infants. We report a case of giant, solitary neurofibroma presenting as a progressive mass in parotid region in an infant.(More)
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