Manisha Barnwal

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Rice brown spot (BS) is a chronic disease that affects millions of hectares of rice every growing season, grown by some of the most resource-poor farmers. Despite its widespread occurrence and impact, much still needs to be understood about BS. Reported yield losses in relative terms vary widely from 4 to 52 %. However, accurate, systematic estimates are(More)
Regional anesthesia plays a key role in elective as well as emergency orthopedic and other surgeries in children. However, peripheral nerve blocks are quite challenging in children due to lack of precise anatomical knowledge of the course and distribution of these nerves. The purpose of this study was to explore the terminal branches of the superficial(More)
Starting from introduction of hydrostatic transmission, open circuit and closed circuit hydrostatic transmission system, this paper presents the of open circuit and close circuit hydrostatic system. This paper is also discussed an overview about the steady-state performance of hydrostatic transmission system. Keyword: HST, open circuit HST system, closed(More)
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