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Wastewater treatment and re-use of industrial process water are critical issue for the development of human activities and environment conservation. Catalytic wet air oxidation (CWAO) is an attractive and useful technique for treatment of effluents where the concentrations of organic pollutants are too low, for the incineration and other pollution control(More)
Hairy roots have been successfully cultivated in a variety of reactor configurations. Nutrient mist reactors have been found specially suited to grow these roots because of its easy operation, high oxygen concentration, lack of shear, low pressure, ease in manipulating the gas composition, effective gas exchange in a densely growing biomass and ease of(More)
The associative property of artificial neural networks (ANNs) and their inherent ability to “learn” and “recognize” highly non-linear and complex relationships finds them ideally suited to a wide range of applications in chemical engineering. The present paper deals with the potential applications of ANNs in thermodynamics – particularly, the prediction/(More)
We study the early stage kinetics of thermodynamically unstable systems with quenched disorder. We show analytically that the growth of initial fluctuations is amplified by the presence of disorder. This is confirmed by numerical simulations of morphological phase separation in thin liquid films and spinodal decomposition in binary mixtures. We also discuss(More)
We present results from a comprehensive numerical study of morphological phase separation (MPS) in unstable thin liquid films on a 2-dimensional substrate. We study the quantitative properties of the evolution morphology via several experimentally relevant markers, e.g., correlation function, structure factor, domain-size and defect-size probability(More)
Hairy roots are genetically transformed roots and highly recommended sources for various secondary metabolites products. Artimisinin is one of them and frequently utilized as pharmaceutical drug for malaria impairment. Hairy roots are fragile tissue and very much sensitive in regarding to culture inside the bioreactor. Designing of bioreactor and optimising(More)
We study universality in the kinetics of spinodal phase separation in unstable thin liquid films, via simulations of the thin film equation. It is shown that, in addition to morphology and free energy, the number density of local maxima in the film profile can also be used to identify the early, late, and intermediate stages of spinodal phase separation. A(More)
The synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles has attracted considerable interest because of their unique properties and potential applications in a variety of solid state devices, catalytic media etc. By using water-in-oil (w/o) microemulsions, nanodroplets of water were used as chemical reactor to synthesize nanoparticles of zinc oxide. Addition of reducing agent(More)
We study spinodal phase separation in unstable thin liquid films on chemically disordered substrates via simulations of the thin-film equation. The disorder is characterized by immobile patches of varying size and Hamaker constant. The effect of disorder is pronounced in the early stages (amplification of fluctuations), remains during the intermediate(More)
Efficient Solid waste utilization is a challenging task. In rural areas organic wastes like cattle waste is available in abundant, which is not utilized in the valuable forms and in urban areas it is disposed off in an improper manner. In this study biogas primarily from cattle waste was generated by using a fabricated anaerobic biogas digester. The methane(More)
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