Manish R. Joshi

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Erythropoietin (Epo) induces erythrocytosis by suppressing erythroid progenitor cell apoptosis through the Janus-activated kinase-signal transducers and activators of transcription (JAK-STAT) pathway. Since apoptosis contributes to cisplatin (CP)-induced nephrotoxicity and Epo receptors (EpoR) are expressed in the kidney, we examined the role of(More)
Indian post liberalization era witnessed a phenomenal growth in the number of Non Agricultural Cooperative Credit Societies (NACCS) particularly in the state of Maharashtra. The regulatory mechanism however could not cope with the pace and fail to control some of these NACCS. A series of debacle and collapse of several NACCS that cause money loss of several(More)
Forest loss is spatial and temporal issue of concern for any governance. Due to limitation of man power, money or resources the issue requires first to point out most critical area i.e. Geo-spatiotemporal hotspot and then prioritize it so the most needed area always concern first. Geo-spatiotemporal hotspot detection is a scan statistical process that(More)
Geospatial hotspot detection is a scan statistic process that identifies a region exhibiting characteristics of interest (unusual, anomaly, outbreak, critical resources area). The hotspot detection is a statistical process. It requires a geospatial dataset as an input, which includes two variables for hotspot detection, Size or Population and Response or(More)
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