Manish Munjal

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Angiosarcoma arising in a schwannoma is extremely rare with only fourteen cases having been reported in the literature to the best of our knowledge. Amongst these fourteen, only five cases developed from vagal schwannoma. We describe a case of epithelioid angiosarcoma arising in a long standing vagal schwannoma in a 41 years male patient. Grossly the tumor(More)
Odontogenic myxomas are rare benign mesenchymal tumours of head and neck with a potential for local infiltration and recurrence. They appear to originate from the dental papilla, follicle or periodontal ligament in mandible and less commonly the maxilla. These usually present in second or third decade of life as slowly progressive space occupying lesion in(More)
Segmented whistles found in compressible toys often get lodged in the tracheobronchial tree of infants and children and may remain asymptomatic as patients keep on breathing normally through the lumen of the whistle without much difficulty. Here 10 such cases are reported. The problems encountered in their management are also discussed.
Cryptococcosis commonly involves central nervous system and lungs in organ transplant recipients. Isolated laryngeal infection is extremely rare. We report a rare case of cryptococcus in a renal allograft recipient that clinically presented with hoarseness of voice and mimicked laryngeal carcinoma on examination.
Schwannomas are benign, rare peripheral nerve sheath tumors that occur in the head and neck region. Some physicians opt to closely observe cases of schwannoma of the neck on an outpatient basis rather than to perform radical surgery. However, there is a possibility, albeit rare, of malignant transformation of a benign schwannoma. Here, we are reporting the(More)
Primary lymphomas of the oral cavity are uncommon and of the tongue even rarer. It is more common in the masticatory mucosa than the lingual and buccal mucosa. We describe a 63 year old male who presented with dysphagia & change in voice. Computed tomography revealed a 4.8 × 3.7 cm mass localized to the base of tongue. He underwent biopsy and IHC studies &(More)