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Power system stability is a term applied to alternating current electric power system denoting condition in which various synchronous machine of the system remain in synchronism or in step with each other. This paper describes the multi machine power system example to demonstrate the features and scope of graphical simulink environment of general purpose of(More)
Fingerprints are the most universal, unique and persistent biometrics. This study performs the classification of multiple fingerprint images using Hu Moments based Wavelet designing and Modified VZ Classification Algorithm. The proposed work is divided into two stages. One is the wavelet designing stage and second is the classification stage. The use of(More)
This study performed the detection of edge using directional approach and modified self-adaptive ant colony optimization. Edge detection is one of the important parts of image processing. It is essentially involved in the pre-processing stage of image analysis and computer vision. It generally detects the contour of an image and thus provides important(More)
In recent years, unspoken words recognition has received substantial attention from both the scientific research communities and the society of multimedia information access networks. Major advancements and wide range of applications in aids for the speech handicapped, speech pathology research, telecom privacy issues, cursor based text to speech,(More)
Speaker recognition is more active biometric task, which bases from the more general speech processing area. Likewise, most of the other speech-related recognition activities (language recognition, speech recognition), speaker recognition is a multidisciplinary problem. Both understanding of pattern recognition techniques and domain knowledge(More)
Fingerprints are the most universal, unique and persistent biometrics. The growing interest and eventually the need for advanced security, privacy and user convenience has put an access to fingerprint recognition, beyond the other biometrics recognition systems. Despite the ingenious methods improvised to increase the efficiency of detection in growing(More)
This paper aims to identify unspoken words using facial muscle activity without audible signal. A novel approach of wavelet analysis using different filter coefficients and the performance analysis of each filter coefficients along with classifiers is introduced. The technique is successfully used to classify 5 vowels, month name, weekdays and is not(More)
Speech recognition emphasis on capturing typical properties of phonemes, irrespective of any speaker-originated variations in speaking style and pronunciation, while speaker recognition aims at exploiting these individualities. These different traits of the speaker recognition tasks compelled us to search a more general approach. The main motto of this(More)