Manish Kumar Saini

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Fingerprints are the most universal, unique and persistent biometrics. This study performs the classification of multiple fingerprint images using Hu Moments based Wavelet designing and Modified VZ Classification Algorithm. The proposed work is divided into two stages. One is the wavelet designing stage and second is the classification stage. The use of(More)
Speech recognition emphasis on capturing typical properties of phonemes, irrespective of any speaker-originated variations in speaking style and pronunciation, while speaker recognition aims at exploiting these individualities. These different traits of the speaker recognition tasks compelled us to search a more general approach. The main motto of this(More)
Objectives: To evaluate the nephroprotective properties of ethanol extract of leaves of Aloe vera against gentamicin-induced nephrotoxicity in rats. Methods: Nephrotoxicity was induced in Wistar rats by intraperitoneal administration of gentamicin 40 mg/kg/days for 5 days. Effect of concurrent administration of ethanol extract of leaves of A. vera at a dose(More)
Fingerprints are the most universal, unique and persistent biometrics. The growing interest and eventually the need for advanced security, privacy and user convenience has put an access to fingerprint recognition, beyond the other biometrics recognition systems. Despite the ingenious methods improvised to increase the efficiency of detection in growing(More)
This paper introduces a technique for designing an optimized matched wavelet by fractionally delaying the coefficients of the matched filter (FDMW). The method is an extension to Matched Wavelets Design process where the filter coefficients are statistically matched to the non-stationary discrete data. Filter coefficients obtained for such unit delay(More)
Speaker recognition is more active biometric task, which bases from the more general speech processing area. Likewise, most of the other speech-related recognition activities (language recognition, speech recognition), speaker recognition is a multidisciplinary problem. Both understanding of pattern recognition techniques and domain knowledge(More)