Manish Kumar Chatli

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The present study was conducted to investigate the efficacy of sweet potato powder (SPP) and water as a fat replacer in low-fat pork patties. Low-fat pork patties were developed by replacing the added fat with combinations of SPP and chilled water. Three different levels of SPP/chilled water viz. 0.5/9.5% (T-1), 1.0/9.0% (T-2), and 1.5/8.5% (T-3) were(More)
The aim of the present study was to optimize processing strategies for development of functional pork product with enhanced fiber content. Four different levels of inulin powder (0-control, 1-T1, 2-T2, and 3 %-T3) were incorporated in pork loaves by replacing lean meat. The cooked products were subjected to analysis for various physicochemical, proximate,(More)
Lipid oxidation, colour stability and physico-chemical quality of pork frankfurters with the incorporation of 0.30% sea buckthorn (SBT), 0.10% grape seed (GSE), 0.03% green tea (GTE), 0.12% fenugreek seed (FSE) and 0.10% Acacia catechu (ACE) were studied during 20 days of refrigerated aerobic storage. The SBT and ACE were identified as being the most(More)
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