Manish Kumar Bajpai

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Abstract—The edges of low contrast images are not clearly distinguishable to human eye. It is difficult to find the edges and boundaries in it. The present work encompasses a new approach for low contrast images. The Chebyshev polynomial based fractional order filter has been used for filtering operation on an image. The preprocessing has been performed by(More)
Computer-aided detection systems play an important role for the detection of breast abnormalities using mammograms. Global segmentation of mass in mammograms is a complex process due to low contrast mammogram images, irregular shape of mass, speculated margins, and the presence of intensity variations of pixels. This work presents a new approach for mass(More)
The present study introduces an efficient algorithm for automatic segmentation and detection of mass present in the mammograms. The problem of over and under-segmentation of low-contrast mammographic images has been solved by applying preprocessing on original mammograms. Subtraction operation performed between enhanced and enhanced inverted mammogram(More)
Automatic segmentation of abnormal region is a crucial task in computer-aided detection system using mammograms. In this work, an automatic abnormality detection algorithm using mammographic images is proposed. In the preprocessing step, partial differential equation-based variational level set method is used for breast region extraction. The evolution of(More)
Discrimination between texture edges and geometrical edges is very difficult in low contrast images. Satellite images are low contrast images. It is important to extract the edges that are not clearly visible in case of Satellite images. The present work encompasses a new edge detection algorithm using newly constructed differentiator. Chebyshev polynomial(More)
A discrete time modeled fractional order differentiator has been designed for estimating the fractional order derivative of contaminated signal. The proposed approach uses Chebyshev polynomial based approximation. Riemann-Liouville fractional order derivative definition has been used for design of fractional order Savitzky-Golay differentiator. Proposed(More)
This paper proposes an efficient GPU based parallel algorithm image reconstruction. It has been implemented on a system having a general purpose graphical processing unit (GPU), Nvidia graphics card GTX-275. Experimental results reveal that an image of size 256 × 256 with 90 projections can be reconstructed in real time with single iteration. The(More)
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