Manish Kaushal

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We studied the aging dynamics of an aqueous suspension of LAPONITE®, a model time dependent soft glassy material, using a passive microrheology technique. This system is known to undergo physical aging during which its microstructure evolves progressively to explore lower free energy states. Optical microscopy is used to monitor the motion of micron-sized(More)
In this work, we solve the Soft Glassy Rheology (SGR) model under application of oscillatory deformation field with varying magnitudes of strain as well as frequency for different noise temperatures. In the glassy domain, the SGR model undergoes time evolution of elastic modulus. Increase in strain magnitude beyond the linear regime is observed to enhance(More)
Physical properties of out of equilibrium soft materials depend on time as well as deformation history. In this work we propose to transform this major shortcoming into gain by applying controlled deformation field to tailor the rheological properties. We take advantage of the fact that deformation field of a certain magnitude can prevent particles in an(More)
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