Manish K. Gupta

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A methodology to evaluate the text level performance of Indic OCR is proposed in this paper. Indian language OCR has been an active area of research for a long time, there has been lot of work in this challenging area. Because of the complexity of Indic scripts, newer algorithms and methodologies to improve the accuracies of recognition is constantly under(More)
We present a document binarization scheme that is intended at consistently binarizing a range of degraded color document images. The proposed solution makes use of a mean-shift algorithm based segmentation applied at different scales of the image and a contrast enhanced version of the popular Niblack's thresholding method. The solution has been evaluated(More)
In pattern recognition areas and data mining, audio data classification is a most important topic. This paper describes a new classification method, where Optimal Classification Rule Extraction for multi-class Audio Data (O-cREAD). This classification method uses a new hybrid optimization approach for extracting optimal classification rules, and then these(More)
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