Manish K. Gupta

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—In a distributed storage systems (DSS), regenerating codes are used to optimize bandwidth in the repair process of a failed node. To optimize other DSS parameters such as computation and disk I/O, Distributed Replication-based Simple Storage (Dress) Codes consisting of an inner Fractional Repetition (FR) code and an outer MDS code are commonly used. Thus(More)
—Heterogeneous Distributed Storage Systems (DSS) are close to real world applications for data storage. Internet caching system and peer-to-peer storage clouds are the examples of such DSS. In this work, we calculate the capacity formula for such systems where each node store different number of packets and each having a different repair bandwidth (node can(More)
—The term Big Data is usually used to describe huge amount of data that is generated by humans from digital media such as cameras, internet, phones, sensors etc. By building advanced analytics on the top of big data, one can predict many things about the user such as behavior, interest etc. However before one can use the data, one has to address many issues(More)
Digital data explosion drives a demand for robust and reliable data storage medium. Development of better digital storage device to accumulate Zetta bytes (1 ZB = 10 21 bytes) of data that will be generated in near future is a big challenge. Looking at limitations of present day digital storage devices, it will soon be a big challenge for data scientists to(More)